Price List

Price List


The price of the transportation is determined by the number of passengers which defines the kilometer rate.

The size of the vehicle does not affect the rate which is set by the Ministry of Transport in taxi vehicles. Minibuses use a similar kilometer pricing method in the Economy Class service

Start fees
Start fee (Weekdays 06:00-20:00): 5,90 EUR
Start fee (Sat and Eves 06:00-16:00): 5,90 EUR
Start fee (other times): 9,00 EUR

Meter rates
Rate I (1-2 persons): 1,60 EUR/km
Rate II (3-4 persons): 1,91 EUR/km
Rate III (5-6 persons): 2,07 EUR/km
Rate IV (7-8 persons): 2,23 EUR/km
Waiting charge I-IV (by the waiting minute): 47,04 EUR/h

Rate V* (9-10 persons): 3,01 EUR/km
Waiting charge V* (by the waiting minute): 52,69 EUR/h

Rate VI* (11-16 persons ): 3,46 EUR/km
Waiting charge VI* (by the waiting minute): 60,15 EUR/h

Other taxi service fees
Pre-booking fee: 7,10 EUR
Large objects and animals: 2,80 EUR

The prices include VAT 10%.

*When a minibus replaces two separate taxi vehicles, it charges 2 x pre-booking and start fees but only one vehicle’s meter rate and potential waiting charge (V or VI).

Invoicing fee
Invoicing fee is 14,13 EUR/ invoice, including VAT 10%.

Call prices
Call Center 24/7 0200 6060: 1,66 EUR/ answered call + local network charge
Sales Office (business days 9-16) 0200 6161: 1,25 EUR/min + local network charge

Kovanen Kids service
The delivery fee of the Kovanen Kids child seat service is 30 EUR (incl. mascot).

Kovanen Kuriiri service

Rate 1 + Courier fee +5 EUR, VAT 24%.

No show charge

Reasonable compensation, min. pre-booking and charge fee
In the airport pick up service, the no show charge is 40 EUR.

Payment method:

– cash, debit and credit card
– mobilepay (Kovanen App)
– taxi card (Kovanen must be notified)
– distance sales payment (+ invoice fee)
– billing contract(+ invoice fee)