Prices and General Booking Terms


The price of the transportation is determined by the number of passengers which defines the kilometer rate. The size of the vehicle does not affect the rate which is set by the Ministry of Transport in taxi vehicles. Minibuses use a similar kilometer pricing method in the Economy Class service. A potential waiting charge and/or a pre-booking fee is added to the fixed start fee.

Please find TAXI PRICES set by the Ministry of Transportation starting from 30.6.2017 from our pricelist.

The prices include VAT 10%. Economy Class taxi rates will automatically be changed whenever the national taxi rates in Finland are changed, confirmed meter rate by the Ministry of Transport.

Group transports

In the taxi service, the booking is always made based on the number of passengers and the number of seats in a taxi vehicle (max. 8 passenger per vehicle). When the number of passengers exceeds 8 and Kovanen minibuses are available from charter transports, the necessary number of minibuses can be used to replace separate taxi vehicles (meter rates from our pricelist)

When a minibus is used to replace taxi vehicles, the minibus will charge the pre-booking and starting fees according to the number of originally booked taxis. The meter charge used by the minibus in the Economy Class service goes according to the number of passengers and is lower than with two separate taxi vehicles combined.

Payment method

When making the payment in the car, the accepted payment methods are cash and major debit and credit cards. If taxi card, distance sales or corporate invoicing are used as a payment method, Kovanen must be notified of this prior to the transport. Taxi card is not accepted as a payment method in all vehicles. The net invoicing fee per invoice and distance sales charge is 12.85 EUR. The VAT in connection to the service class will be added to the net invoicing fee.

Terms of cancellation and alterations

Cancellations without an extra charge can be made by phone to Kovanen Call Center made up to one hour (1) before the transportation departure time. If the departure takes place outside of the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen), cancellations should be made at the latest an hour (1) before departure + the driving time from Helsinki city center to the departure address. After these cancellation limits, Kovanen will charge 100% of the price of the transportation. In addition, Kovanen will charge the caused kilometer fees before the cancellation has been made in case the departure takes place outside of the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen).

In the airport pick up service, the no show charge is 40 EUR including 30 minutes of wait after the actual landing time of the flight. In the airport service the charge begins according to the agreed pick up time.

Additional services

Kovanen Kids Service: Car seats for infants and kids are available in the Kovanen Kids service. The delivery fee of the child seat is 30,00 EUR. The delivery fee will be added to the total charge of the transport. A Kovanen teddy is included in the service. VAT 10%.
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Kovanen Kuriiri Courier Service: Small goods will be transported using the taxi rate I. A courier fee of 5,00 EUR will be added to the price. The courier fee covers the pick up of the goods from the departure location, drop off to the destination (recipient) as well as moderate parking fees. VAT 24%.
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Call prices from our pricelist.