Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy

Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy is Finland’s largest full service passenger transportation company. Kovanen offers high-quality transportations to meet the various transport needs of individuals and larger groups, including taxi services and charter services. Our proficient personnel are at your service every day of the year, providing the most versatile, eco-friendly and representative fleet on the market. The fleet consists of black Mercedes- Benz limousines, sedan taxis, minivans and charter coaches.

Listening to the customer’s needs and meeting those needs is the core of Kovanen. Kovanen offers SOMETHING MORE with its own customer service center, sterling fleet and skilled personnel. The quality and environmental program of Kovanen has adopted the implementation of the high-end service and eco-friendly action.

Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy was founded as a family business in 1978. The company grew into the largest operator and brand leader in Finland. In 2017 Heikki Kovanen and his family sold by a merger agreement all of its passenger transportation business to Swedish Cabonline Groups’ subsidiary Cabonline Finland Oy. Also included in the acquisition was family business Mankkaan Taksi Oy which fused into the concern and into the Kovanen brand. After these mergers Kovanen is now an even stronger operator in the industry, providing even better service and availability to our customers.