Introducing the new Kovanen App

A brand new booking experience to match our top quality rides.


Set your
pickup address


Select where
you want to go


Book your fixed
priced trip


Get status updates
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About the app

Book directly from your current position by tapping ”Travel now”. If you want to be picked up somewhere else, just move around on the map or search for the address. You can also pre-book a trip by tapping ”Pre-book” and select what time you want to leave or when you want to arrive.

Add your destination address and get a fixed price. Before you book your trip you will be able to select how you want to pay or add a via address. Tap on ”Book trip” to confirm the booking. You will be notified when the car is on its way. You can also follow the car directly on the map.

  • Go to the profile in the top left corner and then tap ”Sign in/Sign up”
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Since your Kovanen account doesn’t have a password you will need to set a password by tapping “Forgot password”
  • We will send you a link to your e-mail address, follow the link and set your new password
  • Use your new password to sign in to the app

All your account details and payment information has been transferred to the new app and you are now ready to book your first trip!

Tap the menu button in the upper left corner and then tap “Payments”. Here you will be able to see your existing payment methods and add new ones. You can have multiple payment cards and PayPal accounts. If you tap on one of your payment methods, you can set a name for it, select if you want it as default when you book or choose to remove your payment method.

Tap “Add payment method” and go through the steps to add your payment card or PayPal account.

When you book your trip, your default payment method will be automatically selected and you can tap on it to switch between your payment methods. If you don’t have any payment methods yet, you will only be able to choose “Pay in car” or you can add a new payment method directly from here. Go through the steps to add your payment card.

When you book you trip, the money is reserved on your account but will never be deducted until your trip is completed. For pre-booked trip, the money is reserved approximately one hour before departure and is deducted as usual when the trip is completed. The receipt will be sent to the e-mail address connected to your account.

Help us improve by rating your trip. We constantly try to make your experience better, both by simplifying the booking and improving the service and quality during your trip. By receiving ratings and comments we can get indications of what we need to improve to make your taxi experience as good as possible.

The driver only has access to an average of his or her score and can therefore never see your specific rating.

If you are a business customer and have an account with us, please notice the sender of invoices has changed. In the future invoices come from Cabonline Finland Oy. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Download the app

Quick and easy taxi booking, always with a fixed price.