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+358 200 6060

+358 200 6060

Call Center 24/7

1,66 € / answered call + local network charge

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Charter Transportation

+358 200 6161

+358 200 6161

Sales Service mon-fri 9-16

1,25 €/min + local network charge

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Service Packages

Limousine Service

Indulge yourself with a luxurious VIP limousine experience.

Kovanen’s limousine service package is an elegant and luxurious VIP service experience for prestigious transportation needs. Mercedes-Benz S Lang is a streamlined pioneer in the category of VIP-class vehicles, guaranteeing a luxurious transportation experience in an extremely high-class manner. The vehicle and its equipment are state-of-art and the service includes a VIP trained and darkly attired driver. The limousine service guarantees a taste of glamour to any event.

Luxurious features included:

• Mercedes-Benz S Lang executive sedan (min. of 1,5 hours at the customer’s disposal)
• Specially trained VIP driver
• Customer tablet and an internet connection
• Piccolo water bottles
• Umbrella at the customer’s disposal during the transfer

Every detail is taken into consideration when it comes to our Limousine Service packages, and our experienced and highly skilled Sales Department will make sure that the booking is meticulously taken care of. Kovanen’s years of experience in the field as a VIP service provider will ensure that your transportation experience is first-class. As an extra service, you can order the Sleep and Relax service, which makes it possible to rest on a longer journey. This extra service is especially suitable for the Limousine Service package.



Or call our Sales Office, +358 200 6161 (Mon-Fri 9-16)




Wedding Service

The best quality wedding service on Your special day

Enjoy your special day and order all of your wedding-related transportations in advance through Kovanen. Our Sales Team, specialized in wedding transportations, plans and customizes a high-class transportation package that meets your individual needs. The package includes:

• Limousine service for the wedding couple
• Transportation services for the wedding guests with the Kovanen VIP bus fleet
• Transportation options to the church, the photography location, the wedding venue or the after party

Limousine Wedding Car Service

The luxury limousine wedding car lets the newly wedded couple enjoy their first moments as spouses in style and in great comfort. The couple gets a to spend a relaxing moment in the car with congratulatory drinks before continuing the celebration with family and loved ones.

The service includes:

• Mercedes-Benz S Lang Limousine and a VIP-driver (min. 2h)
• Planning meeting with a Kovanen representative
• Decorations for the wedding car
• Congratulatory champagne toast and water bottles for the newlyweds
• Umbrella

Vehicle:  Mercedes-Benz S Lang –Limousine. Photos of the wedding car with decorations are available on the Kovanen Facebook site.



Or call our Sales Office, +358 200 6161 (Mon-Fri 9-16)



Airport Service


Book in advance

For an easy and comfortable transportation to and from the airport, we recommend booking your transfers in advance before your trip. This guarantees a relaxing and stress-free start to any trip whether business or pleasure.

In connection with a pre-booked airport pick up, Kovanen’s 24/7 call center and driver will monitor flight’s actual landing time in real time. Kovanen driver will meet you at the arrival hall with a sign of your choosing. In the Economy Class taxi service, you can choose whether your pick up is right after the flight has landed or at a later preferred time (max. 30 minutes after the actual landing time). In the Business Class service, the price includes 30 minutes of wait after the flight has landed.


When you order a taxi transfer to the Helsinki Airport from Kovanen, you get a 10 € discount if you also order a return transfer. The discount is given in all Economy Class taxi transfers where the meter price is over 40 €. The driver will give you a -10€ coupon on the way to the airport which you can use for the return trip discount. The discount is valid in taxi service transfers from the airport whether ordered in advance or ad hoc. Please mention the discount coupon when booking the transfer with us.

• Method of payment: cash/debit card/credit card (payment to driver)
• One discount coupon/ordered car
• Vehicles used: taxi/minibus
• The discount is valid until further notice



Or call our Sales Office, +358 200 6161 (Mon-Fri 9-16)

Sightseeing Service

See the Helsinki Metropolitan area sights on a sightseeing tour

See all the interesting sights in Helsinki and the surroundings areas with a Kovanen-sightseeing tour. You can choose either the private sightseeing tour, which is a more basic version of a sightseeing tour given by the driver, or the more in-depth tour with a trained guide.

Private sightseeing

The sightseeing tour given by the Kovanen-driver offers a personified city tour for a smaller group even on a short notice. The tour can be arranged according to the customer’s wishes to the most interesting sites. The tour is given with the help of a basic sightseeing material package and a tablet computer. With the driver sightseeing tour, you can see the most important sites in Helsinki, get basic information about the sites and experience the wonderful atmosphere of the city.

Included in the service:

• Water bottles
• Kovanen sightseeing-material, WLAN connection + tablet computer to help guide the tour
• Service available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian
• Vehicles used: sedan, minivan and minibus with driver

Sightseeing with driver and guide

For a more in-depth sightseeing experience, you can choose the sightseeing service with a professional guide.  In this service, a trained tour guide is arranged for the sightseeing to give a more comprehensive tour of Helsinki.

Included in the service:

• Small water bottles
• A trained tour guide
• Available in different languages
• Vehicles available: 16-seated, 32-seated, 49-seated, 55-seated and 59-seated buses with microfones and driver

For more information, please contact the Kovanen Sales Office. You can also request information about sightseeing tours in locations outside of Helsinki such as Old Porvoo, Hvitträsk in Kirkkonummi and the beautiful national park scenery in Nuuksio.



Or call our Sales Office, +358 200 6161 (Mon-Fri 9-16)

Kovanen Kuriiri Service

Stylish, reliable and fast courier service 24/7

Order the stylish and reliable small package delivery even on a short notice – Kovanen Call Center is at your service every day of the year. The KOVANEN KURIIRI service is suited for all small package deliveries such as transporting documents and samples, delivering flowers, or other material transportations.

The price of the service is by the meter (Finnish taxi rate no. 1) with an additional 5 EUR delivery fee that covers the delivery charge as well as reasonable parking costs. There are many different payment options to choose from, such as cash, all major debit and credit cards, distance sales from credit card, and company invoicing. There is also a receipt function within the service where the driver can give a signed receipt to the sender at the pickup of the parcel and also get a signed receipt from the recipient after the parcel has been delivered.



Or call our Call Center 24/7, +358 200 6060



Kuriiri nettisivuille

Additional Services

Kids package

For you, who want to travel safely with children without having to bring your own child seat.

Via Kovanen’s 24/7 call center, you can order a baby or a child seat, as an extra service. Kovanen driver will pick up the seat from Kovanen’s office (a delivery fee of 30 €). Your child will be given a Kovanen mascot as a memento.

Kovanen Deli service

Make use of your travel time and enjoy lunch during your transportation.

You can pre-order refreshments and lunch for your charter transportation through the Kovanen Sales Service. We will take care of purchasing and delivering the lunch items directly to your chartered vehicle. You can order various kinds of lunch items through the Kovanen Deli service, such as soda, sparkling water, coffee, tea as well as snacks like sandwiches and fruits. Please ask more about the service from our Sales representatives. Bon Appetit!

Kovanen Sleep and Relax package

For you, who want to rest and relax during your transportation.

You can pre-order the Kovanen Sleep and Relax package to be included in your transportation when you wish to travel comfortably and relax. The package includes a satin travel pillow, a fleece blanket and a sleep accessory set at your disposal during the transportation. Please ask more about the service from our Sales representatives. Have a pleasant journey!



Kovanen Private Sightseeing tour -20%

Book a private sightseeing tour from Kovanen between 1.1.-29.2.2016 and get -20% off.

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Wedding car service advance bookings

We offer a -20% discount to our customers who book the Kovanen wedding car service by March 31st, 2016.

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Kovanen’s call center, taxis and VIP-minibuses are at your service also on Christmas and New Year 24/7.

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Kovanen, with an industry experience of over 37 years, offers a high quality solution for individual passengers as well as for large groups with both taxi and charter transportations. It is essential to us to meet, fulfill and exceed the varying needs of our customers with reliable and flexible solutions. Our skilled staff serves you around the clock with Kovanen’s extensive, environmentally friendly and the most state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles. Kovanen’s fleet includes Mercedes-Benz limousines, sedan and minivan taxis as well as VIP-minibuses and coaches.